Welcome to Bleeding into Reality

In this first post I aim to summarize the purpose and direction of much of the writing that will appear in this blog.

Those familiar with iothome.org will know I use that space to discuss IoT technology and related themes. The articles tend to be more practical in nature and a mechanism for sharing information on building devices, security and networks for home automation.

Bleeding into Reality takes another direction entirely. Its name is taken from a quote by Erik Davis in his cult classic Techgnosis. Techgnosis was a romp through the late 90’s landscape of technology, religion and magic. These topics may seem to lack any intersection on a Venn diagram at first, however Davis provides a fascinating oculus into a world where the occult and the online co-mingle.

The interest in these subjects didn’t die with the 90’s however. No, these topics have taken on a new life as of late as discussions around memes and “Kek” have shown.

Thus throughout the life of this blog a variety of wyrd and wonderful fields will be charted. And where those of a more esoteric nature are addressed, biases admitted up-front – expect a skeptical eye.

Surprisingly to some the worlds of myth, post-modernism, the Bauhaus and other disparate fields have made their way into computer science and design.

For example, the rich vein of avant-garde ideas with origins in the belle époque and early 20th C France will be explored. These seemingly non-technological aesthetic and philosophical fields have found a beach head in information technology, especially under the guise of ‘pataphysics and computing.

In addition to the more theoretical and academic subject a path will be forged through the less traveled parts of the cybersphere. It is here we will encounter technologies such as Ceptr which aims to grow a nervous system for the internet.

If you made it this far the TL;DR to the right is unnecessary, although may provide a handy reminder if you wander back after some time away.